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A Blueprint for Growth

We help leadership teams, by serving as a “teacher”, “coach”, and “facilitator”, to implement a simple set of transparent tools to run their business. Implementing EOS will help you and your leadership team get better at three things:


EOS will help you DESIGN your vision: who you are, what you do, where you are going and how you will get there. Then we help get leadership and the organization 100% on the same page.


EOS will help you BUILD discipline and accountability among leaders so that everyone in the organization can execute on the vision really well.


EOS helps your leaders to GROW healthy – to become more functional and cohesive leadership team because unfortunately, leaders don’t always function well together as a team.

EOS for the Staffing Industry.

The Entrepreneurial Operating System® can be powerful in helping staffing & recruitment companies break through their ceiling to new growth.

Staffing is a $150B industry in the United States.

Approximately 20,000 staffing companies in the United States.

97% of those companies are $25M or less in revenue.

82% of the 97% of companies are $5M or less in revenue.

Staffing is a $150B industry in the United States.

Approximately 20,000 staffing companies in the United States.

97% of those companies are $25M or less in revenue.

82% of the 97% of companies are $5M or less in revenue.

This means that only 3% are above $25M with 1% being above $100M.

All said, EOS is a perfect fit for your staffing business as it focuses on providing an operating model for companies that are privately held, 10-250 employees, and revenues up to $250M. If you want to break through the 97% of where the industry sits and you are not running your organization on EOS…you should consider a free 90 minute meeting to learn more!

Why Blueprint Vision Group?

Blueprint Vision Group’s Professional EOS Implementor, Derek Pittak, has firsthand seen how EOS can positively impact a business as a former COO and Integrator of an organization that implemented EOS.

“I’ve felt the frustration of chaos in the workplace with regards to strategic planning and resource allocation. Our organization was in desperate need of a better system to help us get focused on the right priorities. With EOS, I found that my passion is to help leadership teams get serious about building the right foundation. This ‘blueprint’ allows them to strengthen the 6 key components, gain traction, and break through any ceiling they hit on their entrepreneurial journey.” – Derek Pittak


What Customers Are Saying

Derek actively facilitates our quarterly and annual EOS sessions. He arrives prepared and does a phenomenal job of leading tough discussions, corralling some very strong personalities while keeping us all focused and engaged on the subject at hand. EOS has truly allowed us to build a plan to drive the right focus in our business — ensuring that we work on the business to achieve our one year goals!

Sheila Cox

President, Selectemp Employment Services

Entrepreneur Operating System (EOS) is strategic planning and organizational development at its finest.  The Visus Group has several clients of all sizes that are successfully utilizing EOS. The system allows companies to get fully focused on a value add business model, to get employees at all levels in the right seats, and to execute on a methodology that eliminates obstacles and bottlenecks and drives success.  Partnering with Derek has been refreshing.  He has proven experience to serve the staffing industry through EOS as a teacher, coach, and facilitator.  We highly recommend Derek.

Tom Kosnik

Staffing Industry Expert and Founder, Visus Group

Working with Derek has helped us stay focused and on task. We know that we can trust him to facilitate a focused and productive strategy session along with helping us identify the core issue at hand. EOS has positively impacted our business to help us scale to our 5 year target.

John Wittine

President, Alliance Industrial Solutions

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